Raspberry Velvet Scarf

Raspberry Velvet Scarf made of the highest quality silk velor and silk chiffon, size 56 x 196 cm.

A velvet scarf fits perfectly on the body and, despite two layers, remains airy and delicate. It will work perfectly with both everyday and evening styles, and is the perfect complement to any wardrobe.

We especially recommend silk fabric to allergy sufferers due to its hypoallergenic properties – it does not cause skin problems. In addition, silk has an antistatic effect, thanks to which the material does not electrify when walking. It breathes very well, which increases wearing comfort. Like our other velvet products, it is exceptionally pleasant to the touch due to the origin of the material.

Composition: 18% Silk, 82% viscose – on the one side, 100% Silk – on the other side

We recommend hand washing.



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